Carousel Farm LLC (

At Carousel Farm, we offer instruction in just about anything horses. However, we have a very different philosophy on instruction, we do not teach the weekly perpetual novice rider lessons. We encourage our students to identify a goal. We then put together a program to teach you the tools you need to achieve and maintain that goal. We try to provide our students with an understanding of the how, whats and whys of the lesson, so the lessons learned carry for years to come.

We are exceptional trainers in:

Starting the Young Horse

We also train:

Roman Riding
Hippodrome Riding
Trick Training
Sensory Training and more!

We are true horseman. We understand horses. We understand the physics of riding. We have trained horse for the highest levels of performance at top international events like, The World Equestrian Games as well as top levels of competition in Dressage, Hunters and Jumpers!

For requests for or questions regarding instruction and training at Carousel Farm, LLC contact Annette at or call Annette at 814-574-1880