Carousel Farm LLC (

Carousel Farm, LLC offers 2 week long Taiji Horsemanship camps each summer. These camps are a once in a lifetime experience. The camps are limited to 6-10 campers each week. Each camper and their horse will reside at Carousel Farm for the week. You will learn more than you could ever imagine in a week of camp. Topics of instruction include…..basic riding, jumping, jumping gymnastics, free jumping, backyard vaulting, roman riding, hippodrome riding, trick training, sensory training and more! We ride in the morning with the focus on flat work and jumping. In the afternoon, we do a session of training topics, like round penning and free jumping and a second session with speciality topics like sensory, vaulting, roman riding, trick training, etc. The meals at camp are amazing and there is always an assortment and fun extracirricular projects to engage in in the evening. Regardless of your riding specialty……cross training is fun and makes you and your horse better in all of your equine endeavors. You will use what you learned at camp for years to come. Taiji Horsemanship camp is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. I promise, this is a camp like no other! Visit the Taiji Horsemanship Camp for upcoming dates. For more information email us at or contact Annette @ 814-574-1880.