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Sassy and Sparkle retire to Carousel Farm and get New Job! (video)

In February, we unexpectedly retired two ponies…..Sassy & Sparkle…. in addition to a third…..Fancy…. that we were expecting to retire to the farm! Well, Sassy and Fancy have been attached at the hip, since they were weaned 22 years ago.

Well…..thinking attached at the hip………They are both chestnut……They are almost the same size……. They love each other…….Let me see…….Why I say …….Roman Team. I called Cynthia Warner, who bred them 22 years ago. They were used for riding lessons for years, but neither were ridden much in the last two years. She loved the idea after she stopped laughing.

So meet the new Carousel Farm Roman Riding team. They had their first couple of training sessions together. They have been ridden side-by-side. We rode them this weekend with two riders side-by-side with me standing on their back. Sassy has a little spook, but I think it will work out ok.

We are having some pony roman pads and matching headstalls made!

Voila……Carousel Farm goes Roman. If nothing else it should be entertaining!

I’ll keep everyone posted on my blog!

See you again soon!



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